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Well, we did it again!! I was nervous about trying to do this entire stretch of Ferguson Road but we accomplished that and had time to do roadside cleanup heading into Dunbar. The amount of people that showed up amazed me. We once again had about 50 volunteers! I can't thank you all enough...Carl and Gene from PA Cleanways, all of the cachers, everyone from the Pechin Church, Pastor Mayle (also for use of the hall), my family/friends, Pete and John from the township, the kids from C'ville high school and their teacher, Justin.
I was there on Friday with the students, Justin, Carl and Gene. We got a nice start on the trash and I think it was a really great experience for the kids. Nice job!

Saturday--we made the work look easy. Everyone jumped right in and worked so hard. We had a frontloader and 2 trucks picking up the garbage. We easily filled one dumpster and had to pile bags beside our nice pile of tires. We started with 370 garbage bags and ran out. Carl had to make a garbage bag run---unbelievable!!

We went back to Pechin Fellowship Hall after our work and and ate, drank, chatted and gave away some prizes. The amount of food was crazy...we even had Pechin burgers, funny.

Again a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone. I appreciate everyone and again walked away with an awesome feeling and felt proud.

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